Extraordinary Escapes are the Maldives experts specialising in luxury escapes exclusively to the Maldives.


Extraordinary Escapes are the Maldives experts. We are a travel company that specializes in luxury escapes exclusively to the Maldives. We do not sell any other tropical destination as we believe the Maldives is the number one destination in the world.

Specializing in the Maldives means that Extraordinary Escapes’ Consultants know everything there is to know. There is not a question about the Maldives we cannot answer. Extraordinary Escapes can offer you information that you cannot find in brochures or on the internet.

Extraordinary Escapes has been operating for over twelve years and we are one of the leading Wholesalers in the world for the luxury resorts in the Maldives.

Luxury Maldives Holidays
Luxury Maldives Holidays

Extraordinary Escapes has wholesale contracts with every resort that we sell and we deal directly with these resorts. Unlike other companies, there is no middle party.

Extraordinary Escapes sells 19 of the leading 5 and 6 star luxury resorts in the Maldives. All of these resorts are very different. Our Consultants spend up to two months in the Maldives every year, staying at the resorts that we sell (for more than just one night) in order to gain a true understanding of the differences between the resorts.

Our Consultants know every detail there is to know about the resorts that we sell, for example what room to request for that perfect sunset, where the most romantic place in the Maldives is to have a private island dinner or to get married, through to the best resort for families or where to stay for the best diving or surfing experience. Extraordinary Escapes Consultants will match the right resort to the right client. This is the secret to our success as no other company can do this.

Extraordinary Escapes will plan your entire holiday or event, allowing you to have complete peace of mind from the moment you first contact us. We are focused on delivering a first class level of service that is rivaled by no other company. Let Extraordinary Escapes' expertise ensure that your dream holiday or event is absolutely perfect for you.

Luxury Maldives Holidays

A note from the Director of Extraordinary Escapes: Jodie Mason.

I began Extraordinary Escapes in response to a critical need in the market place for a travel company that specialized in a destination. I was tired of being misinformed by travel agents who dealt with a multitude of destinations and who did not have the expertise or the time to get my holiday right.

Specializing in a destination means that you can literally know everything there is to know about that destination. This in turn means that you can provide information to your clients that no other company can, as it is simply impossible to know everything about all destinations or even everything about ten destinations. I created this company to ensure that Extraordinary Escapes' clients' holidays or events receive the attention they deserve.

Extraordinary Escapes' business model is also based on the fact that I believe you cannot provide advice on a destination unless you have personally been there (and not just heard about it from your colleague) and actually stayed there in every accommodation option that you sell (for more than just one night). This is a huge capital investment for a company but it means that Extraordinary Escapes can offer clients information that cannot be found in brochures or on the internet and that no other company can provide.

As one of the founders and Directors of Extraordinary Escapes, I have a law degree and practiced as a lawyer in Sydney and London. I lived overseas for an extended period of time and I was married on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. My first child was born in London and by the age of one year, he had been on over 30 international flights. I now have four children and we all travel as a family regularly. I have travelled the world extensively, with and without children, staying in many of the leading hotels of the world. My aim with Extraordinary Escapes is to use my vast travel experience to create the ultimate holiday for Extraordinary Escapes' clients.

To me personally the Maldives is the most amazing tropical destination in the world. Once you have been to the Maldives on one of my Extraordinary Escapes, it will difficult for you to be satisfied with anything else!